Does this sound like you?

“We all agree we need to raise more money and grow our program, but we’re not sure what we should be doing differently to get to the next level.”
“Our board members are exhausted! It’s the same few people doing all the work all the time. We need a more engaged team and some new blood, soon.”
“We had a fundraising trainer come in once and everyone got excited, but then nothing really changed.”
“We have a pretty good list of loyal donors, but we need some bigger gifts. Maybe we just don’t know the right people.”
“Our board says they will help with fundraising and all the other things in their job description, but in reality the staff has to constantly nag them or just do it themselves. Where’s the accountability?”
“I just really hate asking people for money.”

If this sounds like your organization, take heart: you’re not alone, and these problems can all be solved.  At the same time, your organization is unique: like a family, every board and staff is different, with particular strengths and challenges.  Cookie-cutter trainings and check lists of “best practices” are unlikely to create lasting change. 

As a consultant for nonprofits, it is my mission to help your unique organization grow its capacity to realize your vision.  I help organizations solve persistent problems and make lasting change so they will be more successful. 

Specifically, I can help you to

  • Raise more money

  • Build a stronger, more engaged board

  • Craft and communicate a compelling mission and vision

  • Create an ambitious and achievable strategic plan

  • Resolve conflicts and work better as a team

Take a look at a colloborative site I'm working on with Julie Edsforth,

Emily AnthonyChange can be hard, and lasting change requires a great plan of action and lots of support along the way.  I can help. There is nothing more exciting to me than helping passionate people change the world in ways that they care about!