About Me

Emily AnthonyI believe that everyone can and should get involved in changing the world in some way that inspires them. Most people join boards or go to work in nonprofits because they care about a cause, whether it’s educating kids or protecting the environment or creating art.  But there’s no real reason that a passion for the mission should make someone a great fundraiser or strategic planner or board recruiter, to name just a few of the skills that nonprofits need. 

My goal as a consultant is to help individuals and organizations who want to go out there and change the world develop the skills they will need to be successful. I love to coach and mentor people as they put their passion to work to make the world a better place.

I’ve served in several very different capacities in the nonprofit sector, which gives me a balanced and broad perspective.  I began my career doing direct service with families and children as a caseworker, and eventually took on other roles including supervisor, volunteer manager, administrator, and grantwriter.  After graduate school in public health, I worked for a consulting firm that did program evaluation for social service organizations; we taught people how to understand data, measure results, and convey impact more effectively to funders. 

My own volunteer work and board service have been just as important to my evolution as a consultant as my jobs.  I have served on several boards, and I have participated on more fundraising, strategic planning, leadership search, and special event committees than I care to remember!  So I know what it is like to feel passionate about an organization, but still need to balance the competing demands of family, kids, and a “real job” with board service.  I’ve asked, and I’ve been asked, for charitable gifts for organizations countless times, so I genuinely know what it feels like on both sides of that table. 

Now in my 7th year as a professional nonprofit consultant in board and fund development, I bring all of these many perspectives – plus a whole lot of good stories from the trenches! – into my work today.  Originally from Massachusetts, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University and received my Masters in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Washington.   I also have a Certificate in Human Services Management from the UW School of Social Work.