Edsforth Consulting
I do much of my work in partnership with Julie Edsforth. Julie is an insightful and experienced consultant, a talented facilitator, and best of all, a lot of fun to work with. As people with different strengths who enjoy working collaboratively, Julie and I have found that working together invariably helps us deliver the most excellent service to our shared clients. Check out our colloborative site,

Social Venture Partners
I am proud to be celebrating my 15th year as a Partner at Social Venture Partners, an organization whose dual mission of helping people get engaged in giving and volunteering at nonprofits, and of helping nonprofits build their capacity, is very close to my heart. Much of my work today draws in part on the experiences I have had at SVP, both as a volunteer with their investee organizations, and in helping to build and grow SVP itself, which began locally in 1997 and has grown to include a network of 26 SVP’s across the nation. I currently sit on the board of SVP Seattle, and I have been pleased to consult for or volunteer with many of the organizations they invest in.